Organic Digester

Clears Pond Water & has no Offensive Odor
Organic Digester (OD) Is still considered the most concentrated product on the market. The “ALL IN ONE” Natural Pond Treatment
Works in fresh and salt water
Works very well in Aquariums
Lowers ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate, hydrogen sulfide and other gases.
Improves clarity in the water
OD Is 100% chemical free
Helps to reduce Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) making more Dissolved Oxygen (DO) available for higher stocking density and increased growth rates.
Has tens of millions of naturally occurring bacteria. Reproduces every 17 minutes.
Quickly seeds bio-filters
Dissolves leftover foods, waste matter and other decaying organic material (sludge).
Works with and without aeration.
Is safe for all fish, turtles, wild-life and aquatic plants
Will not harm your pets or livestock if they drink from the pond water where our products have been applied.
One gallon of OD can treat as much as 80,000 gallons – (302,833 liters) of water. Powder OD can treat as much as 50,000 gallons – (189,270 liters) per pound.
Absolutely no problem, if overdosed
Shelf life is 12 months for the liquid and 36 months for the powder
OD is and has been used by many commercial establishments (such as Sea World TX & FL, Universal Studios CA, Hollywood Forever CA, University of Pennsylvania lake, Kauai Marriott Hotel, etc.)
We suggest treating your pond, in the warm weather months, on a weekly basis,
All bacteria work faster with ample aeration.
Do not store OD in the direct sunlight.
Contact us with any questions you may have.