About Our Company

Nouvo Green International was formed, in 2019, to carry on the tradition of Strata Organic Digester. Strata International was the Creator, over 30 years ago, of Organic Digester. We have since added many environmentally safe, pond, lake and aquarium treatments to compliment our line: Organic Digester Too, Autumn Leaves Digester, AWT-1, SOS, APB-dh, Pond Problems Gone (O2),Tablet Sludge Digester OD, Koi Kure, Organic Digester Cool and Bio Clay

We now are working in many fields, including Microbial treatments, Green Chemistry, Water Filtration Systems and Rapid Composting Machines.

Our partner now is Sunland Water Gardens. In Sunland, California. They do our bottling and shipping of the pond and lake treatment products. Please also check their website.

Sunland is also known for their impressive line of Aquatic Plants and Koi Fish. They of course use our Organic Digester in their ponds.

Our Mission

Is to Reduce the use of Chemicals in this world.

Our Vision

Is to help in making this planet a better, healthier and safer place to live for people, plants, fish and animals.

Microbes and Plants are intimate partners in virtually every life process.